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Saudade Filmes.

This project started when a dear friend asks me to do a Brand for her husband's new Film Producer Firm.  I said - "sure, I do logos, let's do it" 
So, when they came with the name and story behind this startup, I felt shiver from my head to my feet. 

"The film producer firm name is Saudade. He chose this name to honor his father memory, a journalist that was brutally murder for drug dealers when he was covering a story for the biggest Brazilian TV network", she said. 


And she continues "He did a documentary about his father story, and he creating two more, so we decided to make this a producer that will tell stories from people that aren't here anymore to tell by themselves" shivers again...


Saudade it's a word that just exists in Portuguese and we use to show that we miss something. Can be a person, a food, a sensation, a feeling. It's a strong word that describes the feeling of loss and at the same time, love.   


We use to say that when we have this "Saudade feeling", sometimes it's like miss part of yourself. And this was the starting point to the whole concept. From the closer principal used in the typeface to the empty screen used as a symbol. 

Thanks, Paula and Bruno for trust in me to do this brand. 



Visual Design









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