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D brown bag

The "D brown bag" is an online conversation series that happen during lunchtime, and aims to bring to the students from the Colorado State University Graphic Design program, different perspectives of design, inviting designers from different areas and countries to have this informal online conversation about their practice, experience, and design field beliefs.


Fall 2020

John Bielenberg (think wrong - USA)


Scott Starrett (Tandem/advisor to AOC - USA)


Joanna Muñoz (Wink & Wonder - USA)


Cymone Wilder (coloopco - USA)


Gabriela Namie (YouTube music – Brazil/USA)


  Andrea Pippins (illustrator/ author / freelancer – USA/Nederland)

Fall 2021 - Milton Glaser Special Edition

Theresa Fitzgerald (Sesame Street – USA)


Alex Center (Center Design - USA)


Ignacio Serrano (Milton Glaser Inc. – Spain/USA)


Rich Tu (MTV – Philippines/USA)


Gail Anderson (SVA - USA)


Anne Quito (Quartz - USA)

Fall 2022 - Woman Leadership Special Edition

Ximena Keirouz (Faire Brand Studio - El Savador / USA)

Ellen Lupton (designer, professor, author - USA)

Sophia Levens (IBM - USA)

Dian Holton (AARP - USA)

Claudia Niemeyer ( Fjord/Accenture - Brazil/ Switerland)

Fall 2023 - Designers and Books Special Edition

Leslie Kia – Art Director and Author of Extra Bold (USA)


Michael Bierut– Pentagram Partner, Educator, Author (USA)


Kelly Walters – Designer, Educator, and Author of Black Experience in Design (USA)


Matthew Reinhart – Paper Engineer - Designer (USA)


Stuart Smith – Book designer (UK/USA)

Spring 2021

Ty Mattson (Mattson creative - USA)


Tim Belonax (Pinterest - USA)


Paula Cruz (illustrator/author / freelancer- Brazil)


Antoine Vidal (Work&Co - France)


Gabrielle Smith (CNN - England)


Zipeng Zhu (designer/freelancer – China/USA)

Spring 2022 - In-house Special Edition

Rachel Denti (Nike – Brazil/USA)


Ted Halbur (Target – USA)


Oen Michael Hammonds (IBM – USA)


Steve Carsella ( Disney – USA)


Claudia Rubin (New York Times – Porto Rico/USA)


Flavio Carvalho (Apple - Brazil/USA)

Spring 2023 - BIPOC Special Edition

Trent Lutmer – IBM (Korean American)


Lee-Sean Huang – AIGA / Pratt (Taiwanese American)


Soo Yun Kim – CISCO (South Korea/USA)


Ambica Prakash – Eighty-2 degrees ( India/USA)


Lékan (Olamilekan Mabayoje) – National Student Show Dallas (Nigeria/USA), 


Armin Vit – Brand New Under consideration (Mexico/USA)

Kojo Boateng - PBS Network (UK/USA)

All the lectures are recorded, but for privacy and copyright reasons I can't post them in my website. If you have any question about the D Brown Bag - Design Talk Series, please email me at

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